Expert opinions, appraisals and valuations of enterprises


Valuation of enterprise or its part – all forms of companies and cooperatives

Freelance workers

Valuation of business of self-employed, freelance workers, doctors

Capital contributions

Valuation of equity, securities, capital contributions, assets and liabilities


Valuation of receivables, assignment of claims

Financial assets

Valuation of financial assets

Non-financial contributions

Valuation of non-financial contributions

Tangible assets

Valuation of tangible assets

Intangible assets

Valuation of intangible assets (good-will, know-how, licence agreement,  trademark


Patent, industrial design, design protection, domain, software)


Valuation reviews and revision of expert opinion

Assessment of damages

Assessment of damages, computation of compensation for the profit and loss


Review of the related party transactions report, assessment of related party transactions

Expert opinions, appraisals and valuations of real-estate

All types of land

All types of land (developed estates, farms and farm lands, forests etc.)


Flats/apartments, non-residential and commercial premises, family

Recreational buildings

Cabins, cottages, recreational buildings


Commercial buildings

Industrial buildings

Industrial buildings, production halls, logistic centres, farms and rural buildings


Garages, dwells, sheds, buildings under construction

Right of use

Valuation of right of use, assessment of the customary rent etc.

Reasons and purposes for the enterprise valuations

ownership change of an enterprise

mergers, acquisitions and other transactions with enterprises

split of inheritance, division of joint property of spouses

court purposes, arbitration, out-of-court settlements

bankruptcy, re-organisation and restructuring

squeeze-out, takeover, buy-out

transfer pricing

for accounting purposes – IFRS, Czech accounting rules

bank credits and loans, assessment of the value of banker’s guarantee

other legal requirements, tax purposes

Reasons and purposes of the real-estate valuation

tax purposes (gifts and charitable devise, inheritance, real-estate transfers etc.)

non-financial equity contribution

division of joint property of spouses

division of co-ownership of real-estates, division of real-estates,

bank purposes (mortgage, credits, banker’s guarantee etc.) and insurance

sale, rent/lease, purchase of real-estates

We provide valuation and appraisals, either in the form of expert opinions processed by authorised experts, or in the form of appraisal reports processed by certified valuators. The form depends on the client’s needs and legal requirements for the purpose of the valuation.  In both cases we follow formal and methodological standards for expert appraisals and expert opinions set forth in Act No. 382/2004 Z.z. on Experts, Interpreters, and Translators, and other related regulations. Thus, an appraisal processed by a certified valuator is equal as far as procedures, information and results are concerned, however, it is less expensive. Therefore, it is widely used in cases in which neither the purpose of use nor the law requires an expert opinion.

The quality guarantor of valuation and appraisals is certified valuator Jiří Valenta M.A.

Expert opinions are processed in cooperation with Ing. Jaroslav Ježek, an authorized expert in economics registered by the Regional Court in Plzen.

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