Payroll agenda


Outsourcing of client’s payroll agenda

Via Internet

Processing of payroll accounting via Internet in the client’s accounting program

Accounting of the payroll

Accounting of the payroll and taxes of foreigners working in the Czech Republic according to the labour contract based on foreign labour code


Registrations and cancelling registrations by public health insurance companies and by Czech Social Security Administration

Personnel records

Administration of personnel records


Administration of compensations, allowances and benefits (injury benefits, travel expenses refunds, expense allowance etc.)

Relevant activities

Other relevant activities – administration of employees’ warrant of distress/distrainment and administration of employees’ seizures, processing of private pension insurance


Supervising of your payroll accountant


Consulting in the field of human resources and payroll


Payments of salaries (from money previously transferred by the client)


Communication with authorities

We represent clients in communication with authorities based on power of attorney (Czech Social Security Administration, Bureau of Labour, public health insurance companies etc.)

During inspections

We participate during inspections carried out by state authorities

We provide all the services either as a comprehensive package for the entire
accounting or fiscal period, or as individual services tailored to the client’s needs.

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