Eu funds

Comprehensive services in the field of state aid and investment incentives


Subsidy and grant analyses – search for an appropriate subsidy programme for your project


Analysis of a project and enterprise according to subsidy and grant programmes


Composition of an application including required annexes and submitting of the application


Supervision during and after realization of a project and during the monitoring period


Administration of tenders


Processing of payment applications


Monitoring reports

Communication with public authorities


Preparation for inspections of authorities, simulation of inspections, assistance during inspections

Audit of subsidies

Audit of subsidies and grants by certified auditor

Other relevant activities

We provide all the services either as a comprehensive package for the entire project cycle or as individual services tailored to the client’s needs.

Why are we better than others?


Key members of our team have experience from implementation of aid programmes financed by the EU and by the state from their previous occupations in public institutions (Agency CzechInvest, Inspection department of Financial Authorities)


Our state aid consulting is complex and interdisciplinary including the field of accounting and taxes, which is done in cooperation with a tax advisor or auditor

Project realization

Each project has one project manager from the beginning till the end – from composition of the application – to tenders – to processing of payment applications and the monitoring report. As a result, the application is drafted in a way that prevents future problems with realization and its administration. Continuity is ensured.

We focus on the following Operational Programmes:

Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovations for Competitiveness

Investment incentives

Operational Programme Environment

Operational Programme Research, Development and Education

Integrated Regional Operational Programme

Rural Development Programme

Operational Programme Prague – Growth Pole of the Czech Republic

We have rich experience with financing projects from both the structural funds of the EU and Czech state budget. We are therefore aware of the fact that a successful application for a subsidy is just a part of the story. On the contrary, it is harder to fulfil all requirements in order to sustain the subsidy. It is necessary to know, not only the subsidy-related regulations, but also tax law and accounting standards. We know how to apply successfully and we are able to provide all the necessary supplementary services. Moreover, we are able to find bank loan financing for your project, since the majority of the subsidies are paid after the project’s realization.

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