• in 1993 Zdeňka Valentová started providing accounting and tax services as a self-employed person. She focused on German-speaking clients and companies with capital from German-speaking countries
  • in 1995 we founded a family tax and accounting company Quarta s.r.o. that took over the business provided by Zdeňka as a self-employed person
  • in 1997 we started providing audits
  • in 2004 Quarta s.r.o. obtained the ISO 9001 : 2000 certificate*
  • at the end of 2008 we expanded into state aid and grant consulting
  • since 2013 Quarta s.r.o. has been offering valuations, appraisals and expert opinions

Our current services:

  • Accounting services including IAS and IFRS
  • Payroll agenda
  • Tax advisory and audits by certified experts
  • Valuations, appraisals and expert opinions
  • State aid and grants consulting
  • Economic consulting, corporate finance and business consulting

Quarta s.r.o. is managed as a traditional family business with emphasis on traditional values:

  • Reliability – we keep our word
  • Quality – expertise, timing, professionalism
  • Result orientation – innovation and unconventional solutions
  • Flexibility – flexible and client friendly attitude
  • Independence – we build on our own abilities and knowledge

Quarta s. r. o. obtained the ISO 9001 quality certificate of tax consulting and accounting in 2004. We follow ISO 9001 policies but the certification has not been maintained.